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5 Apr

So for those who may or may not know JR, you might’ve seen some of his work plastered on the walls of MOCA near Little Tokyo. JR is a graffiti artist (whose identity is unknown). Although he’s not as elusive as Banksy, he still goes around the world and posts huge portraits of people on trains, roofs, walls and etc. JR calls himself an “urban activist” which can be seen in his projects Face2Face and Women Are Heroes. Right now JR’s doing a project called Inside Out where anybody can upload a portrait of themselves for a chance to get it enlarged and posted in the community.

If you want to participate visit


David Hockney

30 Dec

David Hockney’s usually known for his original technique for photocollaging, but I personally enjoy his paintings more. There’s something very Edward Hopper-like about his paintings. All the empty space  of the background and the two small subjects that dominate the painting nonetheless. I was never really good at expressing, in words,why i liked a certain piece of art and i’ll leave it at that for David Hockney. Each of his paintings just evoke a certain feeling from me, similar to the way a Mark Rothko painting would. So i’m not going to get all techinical in my critique of his paintings, but just gaze at them and allow yourself to see what you feel.

David Hockney - Le Parc Des Sources, Vichy (1970)

Le Parc Des Sources, Vichy

American Collectors by David Hockney

American Collectors (Fred & Marcia Weisman)

Mr and Mrs. Clark and Percy
Shirley Goldfarb & Gregory Masurovsky
The Photographer & His Daughter (Jim & Chloe McHugh)
Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) My Favorite !

Fourteen Actors Acting

30 Dec

New York Times has released videos of 14 actors portraying classic screen types. Each of them are more or less a minute long and all of them are accompanied by the classical music  of Owen Pallett. In some of the clips the actors are screaming and/or talking but it’s a whole different experience watching the emotions portrayed by these actors carried out only by the background music. It’s almost eerie. 

But enjoy these fourteen amazing clips done by famous performers like; Natalie Portman, James Franco, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Robert Duvall, Vincent Cassal, Javier Bardem and more.

I suggest you watch all of them!  🙂


René Gruau

25 Nov

(1909-2004) Rene Gruau is an iconic fashion illustrator whose style of drawing has greatly contributed to the marketing approach of the fashion industry. At the age of 14 his drawings were already published  in famous fashion magazines and by the time he was 18 they were in internationally published. His work has been featured in renown magazines such as Marie-Claire, Femina, Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Flair, L’Officiel, and Madame Figaro, and L’Officiel de la Couture.




– Sally.

Marc Johns

11 Nov

art + humor = greatttttttttttt!

– Sally.

Angela Strassheim

7 Nov


Evidence, #1, 48x60

Evidence #2

Evidence, #2, 48x60

Evidence #3

Evidence, #3, 48x60


Evidence, #5, 48x60

Evidence #12

Evidence, #12, 48x60

Evidence (pitchfork 01)

 Evidence, (pitchfork 01), 11x14

Such a  haunting and captivating body of work, Evidence by Angela Strassheim challenges viewers to imagine the world of domestic abuse and familial homocides.   The black and white photos in stark contrast with colored photographs of the home they were taken in ground the viewer from their CSI-influenced  imaginations back to  reality. These deaths are  filthy and graphic, and entertain the mind: this could be  your mother, your father, your friends, and etc.

For more on Strassheim visit her website @


Taryn Simon

3 Nov

Taryn Simon contraband

Oxalis tuberosa, Peru

Taryn Simon contraband

Pirated Lost DVDs

Taryn Simon contraband

Mixed Fruits, Africa

Taryn Simon contraband heroin

Heroin, India

Taryn Simon contraband

Guinea Pigs, Ecuador

Taryn Simon contraband

Dry khat, Kenya

Taryn Simon contraband

Pharmaceutical Pills, Pakistan

Bird Corpse, Indonesia

Fake BMW Emblems

Louis Vuitton counterfeit handbags

Plastic Pitcher of Salami

These objects may seem weird and unusual to you but it’s actually a documentation of some of the contraband items that get confiscated at airports, specifically the JFK Airport. Taryn Simon spent five days taking pictures of the illegal stuff people bring in from all over the world. Even though they’re only pictures of objects, it’s fascinating to see what people try to smuggle into their luggage. She has an exhibit in the Gagosian Museum in Beverly Hills until November 6th. I suggest you check it out ! !

– Sally