Mark Rothko

26 Oct

I’m usually not a fan of abstract art but there’s something about Mark Rothko’s paintings that seem more than just blocks of paint on huge canvases.

I visited the Moca on Grand Avenue a while back and they had a whole room dedicated to Mark Rothko’s paintings. Just imagine these huge, giant-like canvases all lined up around the room, each one concentrating on different groups of colors. The internet does no justice (like it does with many things) for his paintings, because when i was in that gallery my view of abstract art completely changed. It was almost magical (ha) the way you could stare at one of his paintings and have it invoke a certain kind of feeling inside you.

You know how they say that coloring a room a certain paint color can change people’s moods?

it was the same way with Rothko’s paintings. Just looking at them I felt a deep connection to the painting, almost as if the color was bringing out a certain experience that i had been subconsciously associating with that color. Maybe this is just me being weird and overtly emotional, but go to Moca, look at the exhibit and tell me if you didn’t feel the same way ! ! ! !

for perspective.

– Sally


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