Aron Wiesenfeld

17 Oct

Aron Wiesenfeld Aron Wiesenfled Aron Wiesenfeld.

There’s something dark in his work, something eerie that draws you toward his paintings. Maybe it’s all the empty space. Personally i love artwork that has a lot of negative space. Art teachers have been telling me all the time “USE ALL OF THE PAGE, DON’T LEAVE NEGATIVE SPACE” and I completely disagree. Sometimes that emptiness adds to the work, oddly enough i think leaving nothing in the background makes the painting more interesting. Aron Wiesenfeld has this Edward Hopper/ John Currin thing going on.  Maybe i’ll blog about Edward Hopper someday (one of my favorite artists!) and John Currin too, if the staff allows me.

Train Tunnel




The Delegate’s Daughter

Swimming Pool



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