Intro part deux

14 Oct

Hello! Sorry, I’m a tad late, (fashionably, I hope).  Like Sally, I wanted to post my work as a form of introduction. However, I’m not a visual artist. I’m a creative writer. Though my medium is flash fiction/short stories/poetry, I hope my character count isn’t too overwhelming. It’s too early in our relationship to start heaping and throwing things at you, but this is what I do:

The Good Samaritan (written for Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss)

Gilded swishing swirls,

her womanly charms,


clandestine, a net,

like the graze of an arm.


It’s all elbow talk,

knobby and rough,


maybe an eye or two

to meet half way


probably not.

That’s too close;


he has plans to come home to:

6:30 dinners, pjs and tuck ins,

maybe the rest of the morning’s paper,

and that tired lump that sleeps next to him,

her hand limp on his belly.


But this other lump,

she, with slender lips,

& blue suede on skin,


the silhouette, the blue


that shelters her flesh

pink and moist


and open,

always open,


is short on

change; changed, he’s just a meager Samaritan,

doing what he can

for the things he has to come home to.

Rahhh, this site doesn’t allow my white space. In the original piece, there are several tabs and line breaks. I hope the words are enough; enjoy! comment! critique!




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